Sunday, 21 November 2010

An unusual start for a project

Not strictly speaking supposed to be reading or writing but head is such a funny space at the moment that committing some words to paper I think will be interesting as a reference in the future and will sooth my addled mind.

It is the 8th day since I had my bike accident. My trusted friend said that it was just one of those things as I was sprinting my bike wiped out. The police report (friends on the inside!) said wet leaves. Who knows or cares? I landed very, very hard on my head. My helmet is why I am alive. Brief summary of now is that I have suffered a "fairly significant head injury" and still have some damage for a while. My latest CT scan says I will make a full recovery. For now though I have a very poorly head. I get some big pain in my head and all other muscles. I have amnesia, problems forgetting what I wanted to say, sometimes I cannot find the words, sometimes I lose concentration or talk rubbish, or repeat myself. It will improve. I am bed bound (ish) for a couple of weeks then 4-6weeks paced acivity. After a month my head will be a lot better but I will still have a few symptoms but I will completely recovery.

I have the other problems! I have broken clavicle and scapula (collar bone and shoulder blade) and ribs and sternum. I cannot have my plate and pin operation until my head is much better so all a wait and see. Unfortunately I cannot really use my right arm because it doesn't work properly because of its relationship to the collarbone fracture.

I am happy and grateful and optimistic and can't wait to mend and get back on my bike. I have had so much support from such a huge amount of caring people that I cannot believe just how lucky I am to know the best of people.

The stuff I find hard is that I feel so broken at the moment. During the night i seem to have intense periods of pain which i find exhausting and i wake other people up when they are so tired as well. Having a bath is lovely for the pain relief of warm water but also hurts so much just because i have to move-last night i was very faint after believe it or not just the excertion of sitting in some water having my hair washed!! Anyway not going to have a whinge fest, just humbled. Worn myself out now but wanted to get this party going...having a nap now :)